I'm Georgia.


I am at heart a concept creator, understanding a problem and it’s audience, and finding creative, unique solutions with purpose, but also being able to carry that out through impactful design. I particularly thrive in branding and illustration, but I equally enjoy copy-writing, colour, printing and typography.

I’m no coding-wiz, but I am more than adept in designing for digital applications such as websites also. I believe that it is important to understand many mediums and have a variety of skills in order to fully realise a concept and collaborate effectively with other creatives, and so I will always push myself to learn new things to enrich my work with, such as motion graphics and basic coding, that has been used for elements for this website (which is way out of my comfort zone!).

But outside of being a designer, I love to cook and eat, and feed people - I am a feeder. Maybe it’s because I have Italian roots, but pasta is a go to dish I love to do, and I make a banging linguine with pan fried mushrooms, pine nuts and garlic in a creamy white wine sauce - sold yet?

I also go through spurs of loving yoga and running, and then spurs of being a couch potato and binge watching a variety of Netflix shows. I love to travel (I know, everyone does) and really delve into different cultures to draw inspiration and life experience from.

I really just want to live life to the full, try and experience as much as possible, and this takes hard work, passion and motivation, which I have been fortunate to inherit from my wonderful and supportive family. That’s another thing that holds a lot of meaning to me - family. And not just the blood-related kind; I think it’s really important to be part of a family of creatives within work, so that you can support and get the best out of each other.


Email - georgiaholden98@gmail.com

Tel - 07740187363


Adobe Software:

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, XD.

Hand skills:

Calligraphy/hand-drawn typography, type-setting and layout, illustration, photography, embroidery, painting, lino-cut carving and printing.