The Glasses - Utopian Tales from Weimar

I have designed a document for the Utopian Tale of The Glasses, as though it exists within the world of The Glasses - where everyone wears glasses and only sees a censored version of reality. To the people wearing the rose-coloured glasses provided with this leaflet, it appears to be fascist propaganda from their government, where they read a government-controlled version of the story of The Glasses. But if you take the rose-coloured glasses off, the whole story and more is revealed; this leaflet is in fact a secret message from ‘The Enemies of The Glasses’, who are the socialist rebels that are attempting to revolt against their fascist leaders.

With the glasses on, the typography, layout and language resembles Nazi Germany, using a traditional Blackletter font. While the illustration style of the opened out leaflet harks to the propaganda posters in Mussolini’s Italy.

But when the glasses are taken off, the messages from ‘The Enemies of The Glasses’ are in a contrasting style, inspired by the Guerrilla Girls by using Futura. Their illustrations are graffiti-like, defacing the propaganda poster and portraying the king as a self-serving demon, the glasses as the deceitful snake. The hands of the people are now skeletal, as the king and the glasses are bringing death and destruction upon them.